A sustainable tomorrow starts from an effort today!

Atlantis collection fully sustainable by 2025


lunedì 11.10.2021 / 

We thought it was the right time to make a decision like this. It is a moment of great happiness for all of us of Atlantis to be able to make such an important commitment: our collection will be produced within a sustainable mindset, by using certified materials and production processes with a lower impact on our enviroment by 2025.

If we look back, it seems impossible to have come to this in such a short time, but it seemed to us the natural evolution of our business, of our mentality. We never imagined in 2018, when we introduced the first Oeko-Tex® certified models for the first time, that our offer would radically change in just three years.

It won’t be easy: with this promise we are going to profoundly change our collection, also renouncing some best-selling items in order to reinterpret them in a 100% sustainable way. And each of our hats and beanies from 2025 onwards will have a better environmental impact than current headwear, in terms of energy, water and CO2 emissions savings.

Revolution starts from your head.