Sustainability Assessment Card 

We make our business sustainable together with Cikis  


venerdì 05.02.2021 / 

Last year we have been contacted by Cikis, an innovative Italian company specialized in brand sustainability and analysis services. 

Their mission is to help companies to define and implement together a strategy to respond to the market demand for sustainability, from the design of the collection to the long-term corporate strategy. Cikis works with professionals who have been operating in the fashion sustainability sector for more than 15 years. 

As sustainability is one of our main cores, we immediately took the opportunity to challenge ourselves and to analyse further our performances, suppliers and products and evaluate our environmental, social and ethical impacts

The result of this common effort is the Sustainability Assessment Card, a report with a benchmark analysis of Atlantis Headwear’s practices, our top actions and our 2021-2023 brand priorities. 

Browse to Cikis website to discover more about their work and how to obtain your own sustainable report. 



We created a new program that will guide you on bringing your more fashionable designs to life. 

With our Fashion program we are able to follow brands and licensees in the development and production of their collections. From coolhunting, to design and materials research, to final product, with a myriad of styles and fabrics to choose from, we assure that our customers will receive the perfect and one-of-a-kind product for their brand

Plus one Product Manager will assist you step by step from concept to final product by sharing all know-how and experience.

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