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venerdì 22.01.2021 / 

At Atlantis, our caps have always kept up with and adapted to changing times and shifting trends. Sustainability may also be a trend topic these days but for us it has become a crucial value that we have embraced for a few years now and that we do not consider something fleeting. 

With that in mind, we worked hard the last year on finding a new fabric, something different from the traditional recycled fabric. And for the 2021 we are proud to present our partnership with Polylana®, an incredible eco-efficient alternative that you can find in our Pure Beanie from the new collection 2021. 

Moodboard magazine collection 2021


But what exactly is Polylana®?

Polylana® blended yarn is a high-quality sustainable yarn for knitwear and woven fabric. It is almost identical in physical properties to acrylic fiber and can be spun with cotton, wool, viscose, nylon, acrylic to enhance sustainability, functionality and aesthetics.

This has been a turning point for us who had already strategies around responsible cotton or polyester, but we were having trouble to find better materials as alternatives to acrylic and wool. Now thanks to Polylana® we can also extend this fabric to our range of sustainable materials for use in multiple of applications including fashion, outdoor, sports, merchandising & gifts.


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