A documentary about headwear, nature and more 


luned√¨ 05.06.2023 / 

For the 2023 collection we wanted to do something that was more than just a campaign, something that could best represent our commitment without using words, simply by being there and creating a special connection between us and our surroundings. 

If revolution is the key word that describes our campaign, the symbolic place we sought to frame it was Kronplatz, the mountain area located in South Tyrol in all its pristine beauty, a perfect example of respect and coexistence between man and nature. 

In this place with breath-taking views, the human footprint fits into the surrounding environment to create a symbiosis and a celebration of the mountains themselves. And it is precisely here that we went to explore every aspect of this beautiful balance, meeting people, listening to their stories and discovering inspiring sites such as the museums of mountains and photography.  

Headwearevolution tells how Atlantis is trying to rethink its business, starting from people and the environment, radically changing the way we make headwear and finally trying to raise awareness in the supply chain towards a more conscious choice.