Eco-sustainable materials: an added value to your brand

The promotional merchandise industry is changing


lunedì 12.07.2021 / 

The promotional merchandise industry is changing. Consumers and businesses are adjusting their mindset and purchasing decisions in favour of sustainable products and processes.

A study done in 2019 showed that 42% of consumers have a more favourable opinion of an advertiser if the promotional product is environmentally friendly*.

There are ways of producing responsible, long-lasting headwear rather than thoughtless merch. How exactly? It starts with mindset: by valuing longevity and usefulness, by making our clients aware of the fact that merchandise should be worn (a lot), we automatically make sure that it doesn’t get wasted.

This is how we make our philosophy and products sustainable:

  • Durable & eco-friendly materials. We work exclusively with certified materials, from organic cotton to recycled cotton or recycled polyester. Because of our experience, we know exactly which materials and suppliers to choose.
  • Sustainable working conditions. Our headwear has been made by professionals in a responsible way.
  • Continuous improvement. The most important factor is optimizing the production processes and making our products more and more sustainable, collaborating also with our partners.

If you want to learn more about our custom headwear and how we make it sustainable, take a look at our proposals in Sustainable Market Leaflet and don’t be afraid to ask us!

There’s no better way to promote your brand and be kind to the world.