Sometimes it’s the details that make all the difference


lunedì 30.11.2020 / 

This fall couldn't have started better. Thinking about the pleasant walks and winding road trips of this season, we came up with a shape and a design that are perfectly suited for autumn gateaways.

We are talking about the Active Beanie. This idea is what our collection was truly missing and thanks to its versatility we can define it as an all-around headwear.

Active Beanie has a very low-profile look and a snug fit. It is super lightweight, so lightweight that you can fold it and put it in your pocket when you do not need it.  
We imagined Active beanie as a very flexible headwear so we managed to realize it in two sizes: it can be worn alone in its long size or under a helmet or hat for added warmth in its short size.  
Its highly breathable nature and its performance designs make it ideal for diverse activities and conditions.