NFC technology

Direct digital marketing: just tag it.

Modern digital technology gives us the unique and innovative possibility to dialog and interact with our clients after a purchase, to establish a direct connection and to study the approval rating on ourproducts so to set up a loyalty relation between the company and clients.

Friday 27.07.2018 / 

In the near future, the products’ NFC technology will offer to the brands new design possibilities and new lines of communication. Thanks to a microchip inserted in the cap, for example, it will be possible to dialog with who is in the immediate proximity with another NFC supporting devise, like a smartphone or a tablet.

This technology will make possible the transmission of specific messages directly from the cap: any information about the brand, special videos about the product, or merchandising videos. The microchip insertion in a “consumer code” enables the “identification”, an useful service, as demonstrated by its use in other working environments (for example, in the building industry or in offices).

 The future of the products communication is a wearable device able to communicate in a focused and intelligent way.

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