I’m still playing my cards. With bridge, I’ve rediscovered new friends, the desire to go out, joke and... why not, the desire to win! It’s not just a pastime for my golden years. It’s a new beginning!

Wednesday 02.01.2019 / 

Atlantis is talking about itself through a new advertising campaign of strong emotional impact. Underlining by the same claim "Me and Myself", the multi-subject campaign is conveyed by a series of testimonials, wearing  Atlantis caps and giving voice to the desires, dreams and lifestyle of a broad and transversal target - from a child to a teenager and from a middle-aged woman to a senior target with a modern appearance.



Unlike the advertising practice that sets  focus of the communication directly on the product, in our ad campaign the object of desire - the Atlantis cap - is communicated "indirectly" through a translation, a displacement of symbols.
The thought of  various testimonials - our thought - is addressed to an object, to a particular emotion, to an attitude of life that represents and completes us.

An object, a sensation or an emotion that characterises us strongly, in which we fully recognise ourselves, to which we are intimately linked.
These objects are symbols, whose icons are silk-screened on the cap that the various testimonials wear, they themselves BECOMING the real cap.

Speaking of them and through them in an intimate and sincere way, we bring to light the true object of our desires: the ATLANTIS CAP.

An authentic part of our being: me and myself