Tuesday 07.01.2020 / 

Atlantis is thrilled to announce the launch of the new advertising campaign for the year 2020. Inspired by the brand promise “whatever passion you have, we will help you turn it on, realizing the hat you wish, from one to infinite personalization”, we wanted to spread this message by leveraging on what we know well: colours, lifestyles, differences and passions.

The multi-subject campaign represents the possible and the impossible scenarios that we are able to make real with our endless personalization. Courage, curiosity and diversity are our strengths and pushed us to a new visual identity. Our message tells six different stories of people that inspire us every day with their passion, energy and colours. More than the hat itself, the focus of the campaign are our different hidden desires, hobbies and dreams that we hide under our head.

Wearing a hat is a head-on declaration of what we are and what we wanna be. It’s style and communication. For this reason, Atlantis hat is the best means to proudly wear your identity.

The creative theme will be published in the major magazines in the sector, shared across our website and main social media.

We put your passion on your hat.