Atlantis renews the logo

A new promise of change, sustainability and evolution

Monday 30.01.2023 / 

After almost a decade Atlantis launches the re-design of its logo, a key step of modernization aimed at supporting the brand's promise of change, sustainabilityand evolution.

The "Atlantis" brand is today the result of a process which over time has developed new viewpoints and contents, whose values encourage awareness and suggest the way for sustainable evolution, capable of respecting the individual and the environment.

While remaining faithful to the internationally recognized historical design, the restyle of the logo, now more incisive and impactful, has changed its proportions to ensure easier application and readability. The typography has been revisited with the aim of making the brand more contemporary and trendy, while remaining consistent with the corporate tone. The modern and dynamic font fits perfectly with the Atlantis personality. The pictogram retains the shape of a cap and at the same time recalls the symbol of infinity, recalling one of the key aspects of the value proposition: the infinite possibilities for customizing products. 

It is the new motto - "Headwearevolution"- with a double interpretation: "Headwear evolution" and "Headwear revolution" that expresses the real change of direction, with the intention of supporting Atlantis' activity of evolution in a sustainable key.

Atlantis begins 2023 by taking another step forward in its journey towards an increasingly responsible business, a natural evolution that goes beyond the product and embraces everything we do.

The revolution is on our minds. Wear it on your head.