Dye free

We save the water. Atlantis fabric has an ecologic soul.

The constant research for sustainable production techniques  has brought Atlantis to adopt a new eco-friendly fabric colouration technology. The textile production industry is indeed responsible for 10% of global carbon emissions. In some cases, a one ton fabric production can use up to 200 tonnes of  water, sometimes contaminated with non-treated colorants that end up drained into the world’s rivers.

Friday 05.10.2018 / 

 Less waste, greater satisfaction.

Taking an eco-friendly production approach as a matter of conscience, we have become fully committed to reversing  this negative resource waste trend: the Dye Free technology colours the fabric through the warm transfer of the colour polymers directly in the yarn,  so avoiding  resource waste and colorant dispersion in the environment. 

Depending on the textile and the dye used, the Atlantis Dye Free uses up to 95% less water and up to 86% less energy, reducing  84% of the waste that contributes to global warming. Less waste, greater satisfaction. An environment responsible production with great results. Atlantis, we save water, our most valuable resource.