Atlantis for a sustainable socio-economic development

The business policy built on sustainability involves not only the production strategies but also a socio-economic development ethical model.

Friday 28.09.2018 / 

That’s why Atlantis attracts its suppliers’ interest for an ethical and social action with its Suppliers Code of Conduct, aiming to establish a more sustainable Production Chain.
This ethical business behaviour includes the relations with the customers, with which Atlantis committed the creation of a Code of that aspires to a growing awareness for a strategic production and sustainability, based on the establishment of values like honesty, efficiency and personality.

This attentive concept has a universal vision and at the same time a particular attention towards the local community, working on strategies aimed to create values, principles and investments dedicated to the young generation, that Atlantis supports with special projects, spaces, trainings and collaborations. Our modus operandi involves all the Atlantis team, as a demonstration that our teamwork’s action is based on a shared vision of the future.

That’s why our action aspires to the creation of these values starting from little things such as our working environment: energy savings politics, an action aimed to the daily care and wellness of every single person, with an attentive sustainable impact approach that includes the reduction of paper use and the creation of separate waste collection areas.

Since to improve the world, we have to improve ourselves first.