Atlantis for a sustanaible business model

Today running a business also means having a responsibility: making strategic and sustainable choices at the same time, as a way of contributing to the construction of a positive future for our planet.

Tuesday 18.09.2018 / 

In Atlantis, together with our activity and our collaborators, we are concretely committed to the creation of a new sustainable business model. That’s why we strategically control and mitigate our transports impact, with the 70% of our transports by sea with sustainable companies with reduced CO2 emissions and monitoring the secondary transport by plane.

Our objective is to achieve the 80% of our shippings by sea, collaborating with partners who share the same attention for the environment. Moreover, from 2017 we reduced 5% of the plastic packages in favour of forest origin materials, with the aim to gradually substitute plastic bags with recycled materials. We are committed to measure and classify our production headquarters’ impact informing our suppliers with a Code of Conduct with all the ethical, qualitative and social guidelines.

 We support the Audit program with additional controls on the environmental performances, classifying the suppliers with the aim of a reciprocal improvement, preferring the choice of the “greenest” suppliers as a general objective. Our operating strategies underline our sustainable philosophy. To sum up, we commit ourselves to the future generations and to the planet with the same passion we invest in the production of our products.