No ethics... No quality

To be attractive, long-lasting, believable in the market you must have solid bases to build your business on.
In Atlantis, we have based our actions on the cornerstones of ethics, quality, security and sustainability, which influence our daily choices and strategies. These qualities aren’t just good intentions but declared, officialised and respected principles. 

Saturday 01.09.2018 / 

For this reason, Atlantis is committed to have its management system comply with all the social requirements as provided by the regulation SA8000: no discrimination, no forced labour, balanced working hours and salary relation, health and safety.

This set of values has been introduced into our “Social Accountability International”, report, available on our website, on the “marketing tools”,and “our certifications” sectors.

That’s why we have drawn up our own ethical code as a guidance for the business conduct to share the same goals with all of those who work within the Company, adopting the principles of legality, transparency and verifiability.

Moreover, all of our catalogues are FCS® certified, sustaining the trademark that guarantees the use of wood from a forest management company that has respected the controlled wood certification in conformity with the Forest Stewardship Council® standards.


... These are the rules we respect every single day to run our business coherently with a new business ethical code.


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