Earth color

2018.. colours from mother Earth

Maybe it’s for our sustainable approach, or perhaps for our sensibility for authentic and spontaneous things, we have decided to use in the Atlantis collections 2018, a colour and fabric combination with a very natural appeal, simply because the Earth is an infinite source of inspiration.

Wednesday 04.04.2018 / 

 The colours, the shades of blue of the oceans, the deep brown of the mountains, the elegant beige of the deserts, and not forgetting the magnetic green of the wild nature.
The natural nuances have created a new glamour colour tendency, a versatile palette of colours to wear in every kind of situation. That’s why the 2018 Atlantis Collection stands out from the crowd with a mix of fabrics, dyeing and pastel earth colours, like the eco-friendly suede, the warm corduroy or the pigment dyeing, a special powder pigment for an aged or faded effect.