Winning Together.

Much more than a marketing strategy or a “license exchange”. For us, dealing with cobranding projects means realising a product that is a portrait of a synergy able to generate a new energy in the market.

Monday 26.11.2018 / 

The Atlantis value in the world of fashion is indeed exponentially growing, and more and more clients want to share their brand in our caps.




Over the years, we have improved our ability to understand our co-brand partners needs, finishing a final product able to express a multiple essence and, in the meanwhile, technically and stylistically coherent with the project. 


We strongly believe in this appealing combination, and some of our co-branding projects demonstrate  that we are right, for example the Ski World Cup 2019 in Kronplatz and Valentino Rossi’s V46 Academy, a cap  for all to see, moreover  often wore by  “positive” trend influencers such as Jovanotti.


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