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Make your cap unique in more ways than one

With infinite digital possibilities, you can create your own custom-made cap.
TheAtlantis Design Software is an innovative, rapid and automatic online service to personalise your cap and immediately put it into production.

Friday 06.04.2018 / 

To comply with all types of requests for sophisticated customised products, we have designed a service for our clients to absolutely guarantee what our institutional statement “Infinite Headwear” promises: the infinite possibility to customise and create your product in just a few simple steps. Thanks to the Atlantis Design Software, you can choose with ease the shape, fabric and colour of your product, selecting the model that best suites your needs. 

You can also add extra application - fastenings, sandwich, piping, etc - colour or customise your cap with your own logo, and order your own “creation”, view quantity, price and delivery in real time. Not forgetting the fact, you can even download the graphic design created for the product in pdf format. 

This is a free service reserved for Atlantis customers, it is only activated after completion of the Cap Academy course.

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