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Atlantis is always updated with the latest innovations in an always more dynamic and interconnected world. It is for this very reason, we have created our “shared” service in order to make your activity simpler and more efficient. ATLANTIS CLUB is an exclusive online area created for a better understanding of all Atlantis products. A dedicated area where you will find a wide range of marketing tools designed to comply your every need and your clients’ needs too. 

Thursday 14.06.2018 / 

Easy and user-friendly, Atlantis Club represents a new way of communicating, sharing, projecting, managing and expanding your business.

Thanks to the reserved access area for the Atlantis special badge owners or for the customers that have accessed the online area, now it is possible to communicate and share the information in real-time, having a clearer view with that paramount up-to-date know-how

The Atlantis Club gives you the possibility to :

  • share the product technical data sheet, the video presentations and HD images with send free messages on WhatsApp, Telegram etc on real-time.
  • upload the logo and your company’s details in an exclusive catalogue with your product choice;
  • download HD images, leaflets, Atlantis catalogues, etc;
  • Create a network connection with the Atlantis website with your company logo and details.


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